How I Met Your Mother 9.13 Review: “Bass Player Wanted”

Tim Gerstenberger December 18, 2013 0


‘Tis the season for Holiday themed episodes. Unfortunately for How I Met Your Mother fans, we were unable to see one due to the show’s current timeline.  With this being the final season for the comedy, it is a sad thought knowing we will not get one last glimpse of Ted (Josh Radnor) and company singing Christmas songs and sipping eggnog. However, the latest episode entitled, “Bass Player Wanted,” did not disappoint.

When we last saw Marshall (Jason Segel), he was about to walk the 5 miles to the Farhampton Inn after the bus he was riding broke down.  On the trip, a van pulls up and asks if he needs a lift.  And this is how Marshall meets The Mother (Cristin Milioti). Am I the only one that thinks she bears a striking resemblance to Alyson Hannigan?

The Mother knows who Marshall is based on her bus trip with Lily (Alyson Hannigan).  The two become fast friends and talk about how The Mother is going to quit the band she started because of Darren (the always great Andrew Rannells). Darren is labeled as a trouble maker and has gradually took all the vocals for the songs away from The Mother.  The Mother isn’t good with confrontation so she decides the best thing to do it quit.  Marshall is able to talk her out of this and even gives her the confidence she needs to get rid of Darren.  Kudos to Marshall for talking some sense into The Mother in such a very short car ride.

Darren has already made his presence known at the Inn. His first targets for causing trouble are Lily and Robin (Cobie Smulders). According to The Mother, Darren uses the same concept whenever he tries to stir the pot. First, he tells you that you are hilarious and adorable.  Next, he will provide a flimsy connection about where you grew up.  Third, he will share a deep personal secret.  This will usually be a story from a Disney movie, usually Bambi or The Lion King. Finally, when you have your guard down, Darren will get a secret out of you and use it to cause a fight. He sounds like a lot of the girls that went to my high school.

When Darren first approaches, Lily and Robin do not know what to think. This leads them to telepathically communicate with one another.  At first, they think he is trying to have a threesome with them, something that excites Lily a little more than it should. Once Darren gains their trust, he spills the beans that Robin is siding with Marshall on the couple’s argument about moving to Italy or staying in New York.  The girls end up talking things out, but not before Darren can deliver more upsetting news. He tells Robin that Lily is more concerned with her own life than Robin’s wedding.  Thankfully the two once again talk things through and are closer friends than ever.

Darren also pulls the same shenanigans with Ted and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). He “accidentally” tells Barney that Ted is moving to Chicago.  Barney is devasted, but Ted says he has to leave. It is implied that he is leaving New York because of still having feelings for Robin.  The two hug it out and move on.

The Marshall traveling to the wedding storyline can finally come to a rest as he makes it to the Farhmpton Inn. Lily and Marshall decide to put their difference aside since it had been so long since they have seen one another.  I expect this issue to be central to the plot when HIMYM returns in January.

As for Darren, his days of bother Ted and the gang are over.  After causing Ted to drop a $600 bottle of liquor, he gets punched in the face by Mr. Mosby and proceeds to quits The Mother’s band.  The Mother buys Ted a drink, but the two still have yet to set their eyes on each other.  2014 will bring lots of more surprises, so keep watching!

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]