How I Met Your Mother 9.16 Review: “How Your Mother Met Me”

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How I Met Your Mother has just celebrated a terrific milestone. The latest episode entitled, “How Your Mother Met Me,” was number 200. HIMYM now joins the ranks of other awesome sitcoms that ran for longer than 200 episodes. Some of those include: Friends (236), The Cosby Show (201), and Cheers (275). The creators of HIMYM wanted to treat fans to a very powerful and memorable outing and they did just that.

The episode flashes back to 2005 when we first met Ted (Josh Radnor) and the rest of the gang. A female is seen in MacLaren’s quickly exiting the bar while Ted and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) chat. She hops a cab across town and enters a different MacLaren’s and sits down next to “The Mother” (Cristin Milioti). The credits roll and instead of the usual pictures we see every week, we get to see pictures of “The Mother” hanging out with her BFFs.

It is “The Mother’s” 21st birthday. She has just found out that her boyfriend has passed away. Now the episodes flash-forwards to April 2008, though it is St. Patrick’s Day. Confused? Me too. “The Mother” and her friend Kelly are at a bar that Ted is actually at, but they never cross paths. Kelly ends up hooking up with Barney, while “The Mother” gets a glimpse of her other friend trying out The Naked Man. It doesn’t work and she wonders if she will ever find true love and realizes her yellow umbrella was left at the bar, which we know Ted ends up taking.

Now it is the Fall of 2009 and “The Mother” meets Cindy (the always beautiful Rachel Bilson) in Economics class. Cindy doesn’t have a place to live and “The Mother” offers her place, as Kelly has just moved out. And then we seen when “The Mother” first lays eyes on Mr. Mosby. It was when Ted accidentally went to the wrong classroom on his first day teaching. It kind of makes single people wonder if they have already bumped into the person they are destined to be with and are just waiting to cross paths with them once again.

The next time jump takes us to January 2010. Ted is on a date with Cindy. She brings him back to her apartment and he picks out the three things in her room that all belong to “The Mother”. This is also the first time Ted sees “The Mother,” though it is just her foot as she is entering her bedroom. I still remember watching that episode 4 years ago and wondering when would be the day the two would meet face to face. Now it is hear and I could not be any happier.

Andrew Rannells reprises his role as Darren when the episode moves to April 2012. We see how he takes over “The Mother’s” band. While putting her equipment into the van, she meets a man that takes her out to the MacLaren’s we have come to love over the last nine years. He asks her out on a date, but she lets him down easy. She and Ted pass each other as he enters the bar wearing the green dress from the episode, “Now We’re Even!” After speaking with Kelly, “The Mother” decides to date Louis, the guy from the bar. They stay together for a few years.

We are now back to present time, “The Mother” has just bought Ted a drink after he punched Darren out and is returning to Louis’ beach house for the night. To her surprise, he is waiting for her and proposes. In a panic, she retreats to the porch and asks Max, her boyfriend who died in 2005, if it was okay to move on.  She returns to Louis and turns down his proposal. She ventures to the Farhampton Inn and books the last available room. After she settles in, she steps out on her balcony and sings a song. And who is sitting on their balcony one room over: none other than her soon to be husband.

Though there was not much new footage of Ted, Barney, Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan), and Robin (Cobie Smulder), we were still treated to a very legendary episode of HIMYM this week. Next week’s episode is call “Sunrise,” which will most likely deal with Ted losing Barney, which we got a glimpse of in the closing moments in this installment. I didn’t think I could love HIMYM anymore than I did last week, but this episode surpassed that by a lot.

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