Scientists Say We Can Now Blame All Our Love Failures on How I Met Your Mother

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There have been few fan bases that seemed as angry or as let down by a show’s finale than the fans of How I Met Your Mother, (Though Dexter came close). The actual Mother story line ended up feeling rushed and hackneyed. A great many people walked away from that finale feeling betrayed by a show they adored up to that point. Well, here is another nail in their coffin. Psychologists have come out and said shows like that and other shows that revolve around imperfect relationships and implausible scenarios is setting people up for doomed love.

The long and the short here is, people who watched love and relationship themed dramas and reality TV seemed to have a decent outlook on love (how, we don’t know) but people who watch sitcoms like How I Met your Mother walk away more jaded and tend to be more apt to laugh at the idea of “love at first sight” and “soul mates”. While this study does not specifically blame How I Met Your Mother, it does cite it as an example. We are slowly being turned into cynics by TV shows that show us that love comes and goes with the drop of a hat, and that is okay. In reality, if you watch How I Met Your Mother, you see the timeline of a serial dater, a guy who dated, what 100’s of women to find the perfect one. And even when he finally did, she died. What? We all think it is bad TV, but the reality is, it is setting us up for the same things and we don’t even know it.

Well, we know it now, and so should you.

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