Justified Likely To End After Season Six


How come, every time I get into a show later than anyone else, I immediately find out that show is gong to end? I started Sons of Anarchy later than everyone else, then had to write about how it will be ending next  season. Now, I start watching Justified, and a week later, they announce that the show is going to end. Don’t worry, it is not ending this week or anything. The creator of the show came out and said that Justified likely to end after season six. The bad news is, the show will not go on forever. The good news is, that must mean they already know how they are going to end this stupendous show, and that bodes well for the final seasons having some real impact.

Variety sat down with some members of the cast and found out from the show’s creator that Justified likely to end after season six. There is a footnote, though. A footnote that may give us some hope. Graham Yost also added: “that could always change given the needs of the creators.” That is vague and cryptic, but we have an idea what it means. He is saying that the show has a definitive ending, but depending on how big the show gets and the producers involved, they may make him stretch it out a bit.

Well that’s good news for fans of Justified like myself. I would have no problem with this great show rocking nine or ten seasons, as long as those last five were as amazing as the first five.

[Photo via Guy D’Alama/FX]

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