Justified Renewed for a Third Season by FX

Raylan Givens will live on to snark, brood, and shoot, as FX has renewed sophomore drama Justified, according to Deadline. The show had been rumored for several days to be receiving a pick up in time for FX’s upfront party, which is happening tonight. The other show rumored to be getting a pick up, Archer, still has yet to be confirmed as being renewed.

Based on a story by Elmore Leonard, Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, a Deputy U.S. Marshall who is reassigned to his hometown in Kentucky after getting in trouble in Florida. When he gets to Harlan County, he has to deal with his ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea) and former friend Boyd Crowder (Emmy nominated Walton Goggins), as well as a multitude of small time criminals. Currently Raylan is battling the Bennett family, a major pot dealing family fronted by matriarch Mags (Margo Martindale) with help from her sons Dickie (Jeremy Davies), Coover (Brad William Henke), and Doyle (Joseph Lyle Taylor). Justified also stars Nick Searcy, Joelle Carter, Jacob Pitts, and Erica Tazel.

What do you think about Justified’s second season? Are you glad it got reviewed? Do you think its quality has improved season to season? Any hopes for season three?

  • maggie

    Yay! I'm excited about this!

  • Kathy

    I'm glad — in fact I would have been surprised if Justified had NOT been renewed.

  • Haylee

    So glad to hear – its definitely a favorite!

  • angie ridley

    Yay! I was definately prepared to boycot ne body in my family, & believe me my family is huge, from ever & i do meen ever watching FX again if JUSTIFIED had not been renewed!!!!!! So ladies let's get ready for some more of that Southern Charm that only Marshal Raylon Givens knows how to serve up!!!!!!!!!!!! lol <3

    • Carol

      Fantastic series.  I look forward to season 3.  Wednesday night at 10 is going to be boring again.  I loved Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood and he is great in Justified too.  My friends all agree that he is definitely not bad on the eyes either.  What a great looking man in his cowboy hat.  What I think a real man looks and acts like:)  Yeah, bring back that rough, tough guy look that we remember from John Wayne.

  • Foshee

    OMG I am so  excited that Justified has been picked up for season 3 !!  I L O V E this show !  This show's there is still some originality left in Hollywood. These people can act, they make you part of their life. I absoutley adore Ralyn he is so HOT. I really like Boyd too – I did like it when I was not sure if he was a good guy or a bad guy – now knowing Boyd is bad again is sad, but I hope he and Raylan will work together and against each other. I really like the coples too. Raylan and Winnoa are cute together and so is Boyd and Ava ! Good job – GREAT DECISION FX TO PICK UP SEASON 3 ! now… when is the air date?

  • FanOfGoodActing

    If that POS Nick Searcy is part of the season 3 cast, I'll be done with the show.

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