Justified: Season 3′s Big Bad(s) are…

Shilo Adams October 11, 2011 3

Per Entertainment Weekly, it looks like Raylan Givens won’t get to rest on his laurels after triumphing over Mags Bennett, as Justified has officially named its two (yes, two) “big bads” of the season.

It looks like Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers) and Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump) have been tapped to raise a little ruckus down in Harlan County. McDonough, who made an appearance on FX’s cult favorite Terriers, will be playing a mobster named Quarles that comes to town looking to take over from (presumably) the Crowder family. Williamson, meanwhile, takes on a Mags Bennet-eque figure in Limehouse, a man from a predominantly black town in Harlan County that he’s hellbent on protecting.

Justified is on one heck of a run, both creatively and success-wise, as the southern drama made the difficult leap from very good to great in season 2, which brought them some serious support this past awards season. (Margo Martindale was the show’s lone Emmy win, for her portrayal of ruthless Mags Bennett.) It’ll be interesting to see how McDonough and Williamson fit into the show, but if two seasons of Justified have taught me anything, it’s never bet against anything relating to Raylan Givens.

The third season of Justified premieres this January.

What do you think about the casting of McDonough and Williamson? How do you think Justified will manage to top last season?

  • George

    Neal was great as the villain ford on TERRIERS. Mykelti character Fearless on Boomtown was also great. Yet as Elmore Leonard has written some really Great Black Character. Justified has not really given any people of color too much of the spotlight. Let's hope season 3 changes that.

  • John B

    However these two actors are used should add much to an already great show. They are both outstanding and I am already looking forward to season 3.

  • Francis

    "Justified" is the best show on television. There's nothing close. I don't care if the new characters are white, black, blue, green or gold if they're young, old or in-between. The writers will make them work. In two seasons, they've hit two grandslams. With Mykelti Williamson, Neil McDonough and Walton Goggins on base, Timothy Olyphant will drive 'em in.