Do You Want To Win A Chance To Shoot Guns With Timothy Olyphant?


Justified is an undeniably cool show that came out of nowhere to floor everyone. It’s a show that managed to carry themes of old westerns, but modernize them in a way that makes them way more palatable to a much larger audience. So what if I told you, right now there is a contest to win a chance to shoot guns with Timothy Olyphant from Justified? That would be like cooking meth with Walter White, or being cynical with Larry David. That is pretty much up there for coolest contests ever. Sorry, but even WE are signing up for this one. has the contest, so dip over if you want to enter a chance to shoot guns with Timothy Olyphant. Honestly, if you are not familiar with Omaze, maybe you should be. It is a site that pairs up contests with charities and the end result is awesome. Some fanboy wins some really cool package that often involves some celeb face time, and a charity in need gets some money and publicity. On top of that, they give away packages like that. Being flown to L.A, to the set of Justified, to shoot guns with the man himself. Honestly, people. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Sorry ahead of time if we win. Just kidding. That would be boss!

[Photo via Prashant Gupta/FX]

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