The Wisdom of Villains: Justfied’s Boyd Crowder


The season premiere of Justified was last night, and I thought it would be good to celebrate in some fashion. I hunted through the past seasons of the show to pull quotes from the best character on the show, and no I don’t mean Raylan.

I’m talking about Boyd Crowder of course! The hilarious, dangerous outlaw that makes Justified what it is. It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Wisdom of Villains” entry, but Boyd really fits the bill as he can be downright philosophical when he wants to be. These are my ten favorite quotes of his from over the years, but you can bet I’ve certainly missed one or two along the way. If I have, please feel free to suggest your own entries in the comments. Here goes:

10. “I believe you dictate the river of fate through your own actions.”

9.  “A man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth deserves to have it permanently shut.”

8. “Nothing brings you peace but the triumph of principles.”

7.  “Whole world’s a tree Raylan. I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut.”

6. “Next time I reach out to you, I don’t care if it’s a smiley face, you text me back..”

5. “I am the outlaw, and this is my world, and my world has a high cost of living.”

4. “You are between a rock and a much, much harder rock.”

3.  “Raylan, if a book could only be judged by its cover, you’d be a best seller.”

2. “My name is Boyd Crowder. You can come after me if you want but it will be the last thing you ever do, I promise you that.”

1. “Truth always sounds like lies to a sinner.”

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