Leo DiCaprio Refuses To Appear on The Kardashians Show


I gotta admit, this story only makes me like Leo DiCaprio even more than I already did. Seems they were doing some filming for Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the daytime bash XIV Summer Sessions. A party famous for celebrities going a little buck wild. At one point, Brody Jenner is DJ’ing the party, with Bruce Jenner standing next to him, fist pumping. They tried to make it look natural, but it was quite clear it was a scene set up for the show so they could capture some of the stars at the party and make it seem like they were all hanging out. Thing is, Leo found out, and refused to go inside.

Come on, how cool is that? He didn’t want his likeness to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. So him and his posse went off and decided to party with Frankie Delgado at a Mexican themed party being held elsewhere. We all know Leo had mad swagger, and refused to be any part of that corporate TV machine, which is brilliant. It is also rumored that Paris Hilton showed up some time later and also refused to go in and be filmed as a part of their train wreck TV show.

Truth is, if you didn’t like Leo DiCaprio before, we bet you do now. It is things like that that show us just how genuinely cool he is, and how legit he is as well. Someone give that man an Oscar.

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  • HawkeMan

    I’d love to see more people shun the Kardashians to the point that they are forced to disappear into obscurity. Leo is the man!