Legends of Tomorrow: Amaya Embraces Totem. Nate Goes on Drug Trip.

Legends of Tomorrow

Fixing time can be exhausting. Especially when you’re after an assassin who can transform into water. On tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the team heads to the future and meets a new team member. Amaya also learns to overcome her fears about losing control of her totem powers.

I couldn’t believe that Zari played Team Legends like that. I, too, found her story about breaking her brother from an ARGUS black site to be plausible. It turns out that there is no brother. Well, there used to be, but he died along with their parents. Zari only broke into the ARGUS prison to steal a pendant that had once been her brothers’. The pendant was then revealed to be another totem, and it is connected with Amaya’s somehow. It looks like Team Legends has got a new recruit.

I also couldn’t believe that Agent Sharpe would threaten to exile the Legends if she busts them again. You’re all on the same side! Why can’t you all work together?! Oh, major kudos to Sara for playing chicken with the Time Bureau agent. You sure showed her!

The part where Professor Stein and Nate attempted to figure out Amaya’s totem issue was amusing. They treated it like they would a scientific experiment when in reality it’s more psychological and mystical. Another entertaining part of the episode is Nate’s drug trip. He was as high as a kite, spouting whatever comes to mind in his hallucinating state. I love you so much, show!

Coming back to the mission, the water sorceress tried to get Zari to hand over her pendant. She told the young woman that she couldn’t handle the power within the necklace. Of course, Zari did not hand over the jewelry piece to the water sorceress. One should never negotiate with villains. They never follow through with their end of the bargain. Ever!

In the end, Team Legends defeated the water sorceress thanks to Amaya overcoming her fears. They were unable to apprehend her as she used a pebble with strange markings on it to transport her elsewhere. Wonder where she could have gone? Oh well, wherever she is, I’m sure the Legends will find her.

The end of the episode confuses and worries me. We see a young Ray Palmer being chased by a group of bullies on bikes. The boy then took refuge in a sewer pipe and sees a creature in the shadows. The mystery creature did not reveal itself, so it’s not clear if it’s friendly or not. That, and what connection it has with young Palmer.

Final Thoughts:

Gideon is the most impressive AI ever. Sorry, JARVIS. I ultimately agreed with her when she called Agent Sharpe a bitch. Score one for Gideon!

I felt sorry for Mick as he wasn’t able to use his heat gun much throughout the episode. However, I do give him props for working in that prison break reference and for using a bar fight as a diversion.

What will become of those meta-humans that Jax released from the ARGUS prison? Where will they go and will they affect the overall timeline?

Photo via The CW

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