Legends of Tomorrow: Team Legends Disband. Rip Debuts Time Bureau.

Legends of Tomorrow

“Sometimes we screw things up for the better.” Yeah, that’s the new motto for Team Legends. On tonight’s season three premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the gang is back messing things up again.

The hour began with various time aberrations running amok. Dinosaurs were stomping down the streets of Los Angeles, and people screamed in terror. Team Legends was about to figure out how to fix Time when Rip Hunter appeared wearing a bespoke suit. It turns out that the former captain has created the Time Bureau, a secret organization that deals with rectifying mistakes found in time. It’s kind of like the Men in Black only without the aliens.

The part where Rip told his old team that their services are not needed anymore shocked me. I mean, this is the Legends! You can’t just swoop in and get all Men in Black on us and bench the good guys until further notice! I then felt a sliver of hope when Heatwave met Julius Caesar while vacationing in Aruba. Guess you still need the Legends after all, eh Rip?

I was cheering for Team Legends when they got to Caesar before Rip and his team of Time Agents could. Until Nate over there accidentally screwed up by letting Caesar take his book on ancient Rome and took over the world. Maybe you should hold off on photographing selfies with historical figures and focus on the mission, hmm, Dr. Heywood? Then again, I don’t think the historian would be able to resist the temptation in the future.

The various references to the Roman conquerer were amusing. The “Et-Tu” comment from Nate to Sara was spot-on after Rip caught them red-handed trying to take on Caesar behind his back. Though the icing on the cake was the paraphrase of Caesar’s most famous quote: “We came, we saw, and we kicked Caesar’s ass!”. I had a good laugh with that one.

The team managed to make the world, and Time, right again by making sure that Caesar doesn’t cause trouble. Rip gave Sara and her crew a reprieve as he told one of his agents that the Legends are here to stay. I knew I liked you, Rip Hunter! As the episode ended, we see Amaya alive and well back in her homeland Zambesi. She took on a group of soldiers bent on destroying her home. The question is: is she on the side of good or is she working for the forces of evil?

Side Notes: 

I facepalmed when Jax couldn’t tell the difference between Greek and Roman deities. Think planets, Jax! Planets!

The scene where Nate worked with Kid Flash? Impressive and a bit confusing. Where’s Team Flash?

Seeing Team Legends work regular, everyday jobs was a bit unsettling. Good thing everything worked out in the end or this would be an intriguing third season.

Kudos to Ray for thinking to use the dating app to create a distraction. Also, looking great Gideon!

The scene where Sara kicked Caesar’s butt and told him whatfor when he said to her that they could take over the world together? I applaud you, Sara Lance!

I laughed out loud when Heatwave told Caesar that his salad sucked. It’s named after an Italian chef named Caesar Cardini, not Julius Caesar as we were made to believe.

I’m also glad that Professor Stein decided to stay with his work family. He could always go back in time when it’s all said and done and enjoy a peaceful life with his own family.

Photo via The CW

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