Legends of Tomorrow: Time-Traveling Vampire. Damien Darhk Returns.

Legends of Tomorrow

On second thought, the title of this review is a tad misleading. There’s no time-traveling vampire on tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Only a time-traveling super-villain is brought back from the dead. Sorry, Mick.

The hour begins with Nate, running high on caffeine, finding a pattern with the anachronisms. He told the team that there are two outliers: one where they recruited Zari, and the other is Victorian London. The team then heads to 1895 London to track down the vampire mentioned above.

The Legends then barged into the pathologists’ office as the latter was about to perform the autopsy. The song Return of the Mack began playing, and it turns out that the pathologist stole a watch made by Ray’s company. Later, four fingerprints are found on the device: the pathologist’s, Ray’s, an unknown print, and Oliver Queen’s. The first two fingerprints make sense, but the last two prints befuddle me. Why would Oliver’s fingerprints be on a watch? Oh, hi, Curtis! Nice to see you!

As the team piece together the puzzle that is the mission, former captain, and current founder of the Time Bureau, Rip Hunter makes an appearance. He needs the Legends to help him locate an evil named Mallus, who he has been tracking himself for quite some time. It also appears that he has gone rogue from his own organization and later, Team Legends. Locking them down in the Waverider was not cool, Rip!

Nate ends up as vampire bait since he is the most handsome one on the team. I don’t agree with that. I mean, yes, he’s not that bad looking, but Ray is more attractive than he is. Brandon Routh had played Superman before this and slightly resembles the late Christopher Reeves! Then again, we wouldn’t have gotten the comedic relief from Ray as we did from Nate. Vampires do not sparkle Nate! This isn’t Twilight!

When I saw Damien Darhk lying in the glass coffin, my eyes were wide. That and when Zari handed her amulet over to Madame Elenor. Though I understood why she did what she did. She wanted to apologize to her late brother who she abandoned when ARGUS came that fateful night. I did not peg her for a believer in the supernatural, but she is part of a team that has specific abilities. Plus, she and Amaya are connected through their respective totems.

Professor Stein also discovers that Jax wants to break up Firestorm. At first, he was upset about it, given that Jax went behind his back to do it, but then he is warming up to the idea. Perhaps they will succeed in separating the two of them now that Victor is going to be on Broadway.

In the end, the team stopped the secret cult, but Darhk escaped with Madam Elenor. We also briefly met Mallus through the psychic medium. Rip Hunter also got apprehended by the Time Bureau for his actions. It looks like we have seen the last of the former captain. His parting words to Sara, however, suggests to me that there is a great evil lurking and it’s up to her and her team to stop it.

Side Notes:

Damien Darhk rises out of the coffin and the second thing he says after saying “It’s good to be back” is “Who stole my watch?”. Oh show, you are hilarious! That and setting that fight scene to the title song. Kudos!

Nate’s coffee-induced PA announcement was chuckle-worthy as well. He even got Mick to come by telling him he has beer.

Speaking of Mick. I can’t believe he’s reading a book. On the other hand, it’s about vampires and probably blood and gore, so I suppose it’s right up his alley.

I felt sorry for Zari after Sara told her that she won’t be able to go back in time to save her brother. You can correct the past but you can’t change the past. We do not need a repeat of Flashpoint. On top of that, if she can change the past without it going nuts, then Sara could have saved Laurel.

Point of confusion: I thought that Constantine was going to be in this week’s episode. Was that all a rouse?

Meeting Professor Stein’s great-great-grandfather was intriguing. The guy is as eccentric as the good professor. Well, cult thing aside of course.

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