The 15 Best High School TV Shows of All-Time

The O.C.

High school TV shows have been some of my favorite series over the past decade or so of television. Somehow, no matter how melodramatic, over-the-top, or just plain ridiculous they get, these shows are still able to tap into our hearts and connect with us. Maybe it’s because a lot of the things that go on in high school can be described as melodramatic, over-the-top, or ridiculous. However, I think the more likely reason that high school TV shows are so popular is that, even though the situations surrounding the characters may become a little absurd, the characters themselves still remain somewhat realistic and evoke real, relatable emotions from the audience that watches these series. It’s the characters and their journeys that we watch for, and although there have been countless high school TV shows over the years, some series and their characters are just better than the rest. Here are the 15 best high school TV shows of all-time.

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