5 TV Shows Canceled After Just One Episode

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TV is truly a cut throat business now. Where as once, getting your own show meant sure fire success for most actors or actresses, such is no longer the case. If a show is not bringing in the heads, no matter who is in it or what time slot of network it is on, it will fail. But can you even imagine being associated with a TV show that was canceled after just one episode? You wouldn’t think that common, but it has been common enough that we can come up with this list of five TV shows canceled after just one episode. Yikes, what a blow to the ego that must have been. As a writer, the thought is nauseating.

Heil Honey, I’m Home

Yes, there was a British sitcom from 1990 that was about how silly and funny home life must have been for Adolf Hitler. Thankfully, someone came to their senses after the first episode aired, and they pulled it out of bad taste. Question is, how did it get greenlit and made in the first place? Wow. Look this one up if you think we are kidding.

The Will

A dead rich dude agrees to have his estate given away to one of the members of his friends and family on this reality show. Not only is the idea tacky, but the show was awful. So bad, in fact, it lasted exactly one episode in 2005. A single episode that not a single person in the world watched. How ironic.


Hey, let’s get a former NFL tough guy (who is not that charismatic) and make him a motorcycle detective. What is a motorcycle detective you ask? Why, that is a detective who wears sleeveless denim shirts and rides around on a motorcycle solving crimes. Yeah, it totally makes no sense how this show flopped and failed after one episode aired.

Dot Comedy

The only show that was way ahead of its time and does not deserve a place on the list is Dot Comedy. Comedians the Skylar brothers hosted this show that actually has been ripped off a million times since. It featured them (and other comedians) watching and making fun of clips from the internet. Now, there are like 25 shows that do this exact thing. But apparently doing it in 2000 was so bad it lasted one episode. Again, way ahead of its time.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Remember when Sex in the City was the big thing, and every network wanted to have their own version of it. Well, this show was one of those versions.  From 2006 and starring Heather Graham, people thought this show was poised for success. Until they saw it, that is. It only had to run once on Fox to abysmal ratings for the network to decide they needed to end this show’s legacy before it even dared to have one. Emily’s main reason why not? It was awful.

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