Five of the Best Moments from Sharknado 2


The world was able to witness a true television achievement on Wednesday night, when Syfy aired Sharknado 2: The Second One, a sequel to the original 2013 social media-celebrated TV movie, which may or may not have been the most tweeted about television event ever. Typically, sequels of any kind try their best to outdo their predecessors and fail. However, Sharknado 2 was equal, if not superior, to the first Sharknado movie, even though it had absolutely no right to be. These are five of the best moments from Sharknado 2: The Second One.

All the cameos.

There were countless celebrity cameos in Sharknado 2. Everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Perez Hilton to even the likes of Bill Ray Cyrus, Andy Dick, and even Matt Lauer and Al Rooker showed up to do or say something ridiculous and/or die viciously on screen. While I loved watching Perez Hilton get eaten in the subway, Billy Ray Cyrus ties with Lauer and Rooker for my favorite cameo. The reason for Lauer and Rooker can be found later on this list, and Cyrus’s cameo was perfect because he played a doctor. That’s right – a doctor.

Ian Ziering “jumps the shark.”

Ian Ziering’s Fin (not Finn – Fin) leaping from shark to shark, as the creatures swim through the flooded streets of New York City was just as hilarious and absurd as it sounds.  Plus, it lead to this exchange between Mark McGrath and Ziering: “You know what you just did, don’t you?” “Don’t say it.” “You jumped the shark.”

Matt Lauer stabs a shark with an umbrella.

The presence of the Today show gang could have been an annoying addition to Sharknado 2, a unnecessary cameo that was played boring and straight. However, I should have trusted that the movie’s writers would have had something truly awesome set up and they did. Matt Lauer, sitting right next to Al Rooker, stabbing a shark to death with an umbrella. And they both delivered some great lines, like Rooker’s, “This is a twister with teeth,” and Lauer, as he is stabbing the shark, saying, “Are we still live? Thank you for watching the Today show!” He then went back to killing the shark.

The dialogue. Just all of the dialogue.

While the “jump the shark” exchange is fantastic in its own right, let’s look at some of these other quotes:

“But the next time you offer to lend a hand, don’t be so literal about it.”

“We are talking about shark-falling rates of two inches-per-hour….”

“Because flaming sharks!”

“Two of my friends were killed, I almost destroyed Los Angeles…. And oh yeah, I almost got eaten by a shark. How much ‘fun’ do you think that was?”

I could go on, but I think you get it. Sharknado 2 had no shortage of cheesily great lines, which were delivered by its cast with aplomb. It was pure gold.

Tara Reid loses a hand. Replaces it with a saw.

By far the absolute best moment from Sharknado 2 came after Tara Reid’s character April got her hand bitten off while dangling outside of a plane. How did she replace her hand? Well, with rotary saw, of course, one that she used as a weapon to kill sharks with. It”s pretty self-explanatory how amazing that is. I feel like talking anymore about it would just ruin it.

Photo via Syfy

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