Five Other Networks Where Longmire Could Land


In a surprise move yesterday, A&E announced they were cancelling their highest-rated dramatic series Longmire, the modern day western starring Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff. The channel wants to “refocus” on other types of programming, likely cheap reality shows, and therefore doesn’t have room in its line-up for the relatively expensive Longmire, even if it was the network’s best rated dramas.

But the news comes with the caveat that Longmire could be shopped around elsewhere. In fact, it seems that process has already started. We don’t know where Longmire might land, but here are a few channels that might want to consider picking up the program.

[Photo via A&E]

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  • smm

    I was also thinking the History Channel would be a good bet for Longmire. I would hate for this show to disappear since it was so good.