Five Possible Jordan Beforts for A Wolf of Wall Street TV Show

michael pitt

Infamous Wall Street trader Jordan Belfort isn’t content with just an Oscar-nominated, Scorsese movie chronicling his rise, fall, and rise again. Rather, he wants to continue his Wolf of Wall Street saga with an ongoing TV show. The show is happening, produced by Brett Ratner and Australian billionaire James Packer, with Belfort himself co-writing. It’s supposed to be “Man Men-like” in tone, but I’m guessing a bit more over the top if the movie is anything to go on.

But the question remains, who will play Belfort himself? Even with A-listers moving to TV left and right, it seems unlikely the Leonardo DiCaprio will reprise the role, given his busy schedule. So now it’s up to us to cast the part for them. Here we go.

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