The Best Television Shows to Be Cancelled After One Season

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For every great television series out there that gets to tells its full story over the course of several full seasons, there are just as many, if  not more, shows that have their stories cut short after just one season. While these series never get the opportunity to do everything that  their creators may have dreamed of or have the chance to fully develop all of the characters within their world, a lot of them do become immortalized as cult classics, one season wonders that people encourage their friends to binge watch on Netflix because even though the whole story isn’t told, the first chapter is good enough by itself to warrant a recommendation. So here are my recommendations to all of you. These are the best televisions to be cancelled after one season.

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  • Charles

    The Middleman on ABC Family was cancelled after one season. It was a great show.

    • Chris King

      Charles, I’ve heard how good The Middleman is but have never got the chance to watch it. Definitely will be putting it on my list of shows to check out!

  • John

    It’s Your Move