How Loiter Squad Lost Its Way This Season

loiter squad

I have mentioned the irreverent Adult Swim show Loiter Squad a couple times on this site. Telling you guys I really enjoyed its insane Tim and Eric meets Jack*ss style TV. It was very much unlike any other show in TV. A show that took genuine pleasure in making its audience uncomfortable, Loiter Squad was the show you put on in the background to watch guests squirm. The show features many members of the Odd Future  music group (such as Tyler the Creator), and for two season, I was an avid fan. But then something happened with season three. It just felt like they didn’t care anymore.

I know that may sound odd for a show that thrives on anarchistic comedy (they aren’t supposed to care, right?). But it feels like they are just dialing in it this season. Gone is the tone of these guys having fun, which is what made the show work so well. It is replaced with a real sense of “let’s just throw on any sketch idea we have, and who cares if it works”. I was worried when Loiter Squad started just how long they would be able to ride out that surreal, over-the-top and in-your-face comedy, and it seems it may have already run its course.

Trust me, if you start with season one and watch them in order, you will see what I mean. There is a youthful energy to the first two seasons (and it is crazy, too, but in the best way possible) but by season three, it just seems these guys are ready to move on. Even THEY seem bored with their show, and the reflects itself in most of this season. You know what, guys? It was fun while it lasted, but you might want to jump off this ship now before it sinks with you all on it.

[Photo via Adult Swim]

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