Lost Girl Preview: Q&A with Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Reid

Lost GirlSyfy fans should prepare for a most delicious treat as Canada’s smash-hit action series, Lost Girl, makes its American debut tonight. Lost Girl is the story of Bo, a beautiful young Succubus thrust between divided factions of mystical Fae, a powerful species of beings that come in myriad forms and are able to appear as human.

Anna Silk plays series lead, Bo. Last week she, along with co-stars Kris Holden-Reid and Zoie Palmer, addressed the press regarding the show’s US television premiere.

Kris Holden-Reid plays Dyson, a Wolf-Shifter police detective who introduces Bo to Fae society. In describing the two main factions he explains, “Light Fae try to live in a symbiotic relationship with humanity, while the Dark Fae are more interested in dominating humanity.” Does that mean that the Light Fae are the good guys and Dark Fae are inherently bad? Zoie Palmer, who plays human Doctor Lauren Lewis clarifies, “I think they both would commit acts most of us would consider good – and – bad. They do what they have to do. Everyone has their reasons for their behavior.” Kris continues, “Within the Fae world, I don’t think there’s a real connotation of good and bad. All Fae need to survive off of some form of human energy – whether it’s flesh, spirit, anger,” Zoie chimes in, “emotional, sexual.” “Exactly,” Kris elaborates, “humans are the food source for all Fae.” Silk weighs in, “I would just say when the Dark Fae are bad, they’re particularly bad. But, as a Fae, you’ve got to align yourself with one side or the other. That’s just what you do. And that’s something Bo has real trouble with.”

Most often compared to shows like Supernatural, True Blood, Blade: The Series, and, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anna responds to those comparisons with pride, “We get the Buffy comparison a lot. We’re well into our second season here in Canada, and we still get that comparison, which is a huge compliment. We also hear the comparisons to True Blood. But I think Lost Girl has a unique voice. It’s a pretty sexy show. There’s a lot of darkness and humor and there’s an investigative side as well. I guess it’s a lot of different things all rolled into one. For Bo, the journey is just so huge. I mean at first she grew up thinking she was human but then her teenage sexual urges resulted in a body count. So, she’s been on the run for awhile. The beginning of the series is when she learns that she’s not human, that she’s Fae. Her journey is just so big, and it continues to be every day every episode. She’s constantly learning.”

When asked if she had fight training prior to winning the role of Bo, Anna and Zoie start laughing. Anna shares, “No, not really to be honest. But I certainly prepared, you know, once I got the role. I worked with a trainer just to get strong and ready. We established Bo’s fighting style over the course of the first season. Between our first and second season I trained in stick fighting and learned to do all this really cool stick work. So it’s an evolving thing for me and something that I do work hard at – to make her powers grow and to make her more capable as she sort of embraces her powers. The physical stuff is, it’s challenging, but it’s fun. I mean, I love doing it and it makes me feel a stronger connection to Bo because she’s pretty tough. So I like it.” Offhandedly adding, “Kris and I actually left a crack in the wall at the casting director’s office.” “Yeah, she broke the drywall,” Kris confirms.

Though the fight scenes are undoubtedly intense and sure to entice action fans, combat is by no means the only action onscreen. Anna divulges, “The original description of Bo was as this sexual creature who needs sex to survive. I knew what a Succubus was, and it’s obviously an intriguing, very sexual role to play. She’s a sexual being. And that’s another element that makes our show stand out. It’s a pretty fun power to have, I have to say.”

If you’re wondering what in Silk’s life might’ve prepared her for this sexy kick-ass role, Anna quips, “Well, as a kid I spent one whole summer as Wonder Woman. So, there’s that. Rubber boots, bathing suit, red wristbands, headband, you know. There was a lot of crime in my neighborhood.”

Lost Girl castNew to the supernatural genre, Zoie Palmer was initially most happy about getting to act alongside longtime friend Anna Silk. “Playing a human, I didn’t need to do a ton of research in terms of my own character, but it’s been a great experience, way better than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s such a fun job to play on this kind of a show.” Of the show’s Succubus protagonist Zoie states, “I think everyone who meets Bo, including Dyson and Lauren, are sort of taken with her. Lauren is taken with her for reasons she can’t explain entirely. She’s obviously beautiful but there’s something about her that draws people in, and that’s what Lauren discovers right away. I think it surprises her that she feels that way. She’s a scientist just doing her job and then along comes this sort of creature, this person, this woman who does something to her, and she’s not sure what that something is.”

Kris Holden-Reid highlights a mythological reason why Dyson is attracted to and protective over the rogue Succubus, “Dyson’s role, as Wolf, is that of Protector. The Wolf’s entire reason for existing is to protect its liege or its king, and, in Bo he sees a fascinatingly beautiful, innocent, vulnerable woman that brings those protective instincts out in him.”

Like many of the best genre series, Lost Girl handily delivers the well-drawn hallmarks of several different story types from mystery of the week police procedural to full-on monster mythos, the subject matter almost always operates on multiple levels. “They get intertwined so much.” Kris expounds, “I enjoy the police procedural stuff but my favorites are the fantasy genre romantic stories. I also enjoy looking into the different aspects of the Fae because most of our Fae creatures are pulled from actual human superstitions or religious backgrounds. It’s fascinating finding out about these strange fairy creatures that live in Chinese or German folklore. I find those little insights fascinating, and I really enjoy learning about them on our show.” Anna Silk agrees, “I feel like, in the first season, the mystery of the week stuff sort of lent itself to learning about the mythology. That’s kind of how Bo and the audience learn about each different type of Fae and all the different sorts of energies that are out there.”

Unlike most TV productions these days, the cast aren’t merely allowed input into their characters’ storylines, they’re fully welcomed into the sanctuary of the Writers Room. Silk relates, “Michelle Lovretta, who created the show, and the staff of writers we’ve had over the first and second seasons have developed such rich characters, but what’s really great is that we’ve developed a relationship with them and they wisely write to our strengths as actors. They’re very open to our input, which is really crucial because it creates a really nice dialog and, you know, creates a better show ultimately. So we’re really lucky that it’s a pretty open door between actors and writers on our show.” Kris attests, “Yeah, on some of the bigger budget shows you have so many different cooks in the kitchen, so many different network checks, that the actors don’t get a chance. But we actually can sit in the Writers Room, we bring our scripts in before the read-throughs and they’re very attentive to our ideas about our characters. It’s a real collaborative treat. And we’re all really enjoying it.” “Yeah, they’re really great about hearing our thoughts,” affirms Zoie Palmer.

“Bo has a lot of questions, particularly in the first season” concludes Silk. “There’s a new type of Fae, a new creature, a new challenge every episode.”

Tune into Syfy tonight for answers to some of those questions in the US debut of this sensational series @ 10/9c, immediately following the season premiere of Being Human.

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