Carlton Cuse Believes Lost Returning to TV is ‘Inevitable’

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Carlton Cuse was a part of TV history as a member of the team to bring Lost to life on ABC. The show ran for the better part of the decade (many would argue too long), and was a cultural phenomenon without equal for a time. In a recent interview, Cuse suggests that the Lost universe is far from over, given that Disney owns the rights to the property and it made them boatloads of money in the past. Here’s what he had to say:

“Disney owns the franchise, it made them a lot of money, it’s hard to imagine it will just sit there idly forever,” he said. “Damon [Lindelof] and I told our story in that world and I assume someone will come along, hopefully having been inspired by our story, or our version of the story, and want to tell their own story…Someone is going to come up with a way to tell another Lost story. I think it’s inevitable. I don’t know what it is or how it would work, but I can’t imagine something else won’t be done with the franchise.”

It’s hard to imagine what another “Lost” story would look like, given the cataclysmic events of the end of the season. Would it still be about the Island? Would any of the original cast return? Obviously all of this is far from a sure thing, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that studios love to milk popular franchises for all that they’re worth. It may be too soon for ABC to go back to the Island, but I agree with Cuse that if they still own the rights, they’re going to want to bring it back to life at some point.

What new type of Lost show would catch your interest?

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