Before He Died, Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Supposed To Be On Louie


Louie is a dark show. I have said it before and will say it again. It is a show that finds solace in awkward moments and embarrassing interactions. But it is also just about the most honest show on TV. Sometimes shining a light on the more complicated aspects of the human condition, finding out today that Philip Seymour Hoffman was supposed to be on the show doesn’t surprise me at all. He had the perfect melancholy energy to him that would have worked well on that show. Of course, just like an actual episode of the show, he had to go and die first.

So, of all people, Jeremy Renner is taking his place. Maybe this will seem a bit mean, but really? You could not have gotten someone perhaps a bit more on the level with Hoffman? What, Steve Buscemi was busy or something? It just seems an odd thing. Truth is, most of us would have never know had Renner himself not admitted he was playing the character Philip Seymour Hoffman was supposed to before his untimely overdose. I am sorry, but my mind will not let me get over how good Hoffman would have been on that show. You rarely see Louie smile (you rarely ever saw Hoffman smile) and they both carry a sort of nihilist energy with them. So sad we will never get to see how magic that could have been.

I guess we just have to settle for the least charismatic Avenger to take his place. Yeah, that makes sense. (Sarcasm font).

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  • DSK_Daniel

    Renner was great on the show.

  • CoolHandLuque

    I belive you misread what Renner said. He was always supposed to be the drug dealer character. PSH was supposed to be the teacher, Mr. Hoffman. At least that is my understanding based off his interview as well as other sources who have commented on this situation.