Louis CK Wants Louie Show To End After Seven or Eight Seasons

Remy Carreiro January 2, 2014 0

louis ck

Louie on FX is one of the greatest comedies in TV history. It is not afraid to go to dark places for a laugh, and I think that is something we can all relate to in our lives. Louie himself is what makes the show work so well. Louie CK knows what he is doing. He really does. So when we get the news that he wants Louie show to end after seven or eight seasons, we have to assume he knows what he is talking about, even if that news breaks our hearts.

In a recent episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Louis CK talked to Jerry Seinfeld about what it is like to have a show everyone seems to love (something Seinfeld can very much relate to). He gives us some hints about a famous comedian writing partner he had for the new season of Louie, premiering in May of this year. He also tells Jerry that he sees that his show will go ” seven or eight years, tops.” Like I said, bad news for those of us who adore the comedian’s keen sense of observation and had hoped the show would go on for ever and ever.

This means the Louie show may only have two or three seasons left. Hold on, it’s hard to type while sobbing. No, but seriously, Louis CK knows what he is doing, and we are sure this example is no different. It just pains us to say it.

[Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty]