The Undeniable Element That Makes Louie Work As A Show


Louis C.K. is a character like no other in pop culture. In most of pop culture, you see men and comedians who do all they can to make themselves look cooler and more appealing. Louis C.K. does the opposite of that (especially on his show Louie). He paints himself as kind of a sloppy mess who is just trying to make it in a broken world. On top of that, the show has something that no other show on TV does. It has honest cynicism. Truth is, the world is far from perfect, and we are very lucky we have one comedian who is not too scared to “go there”.

I got sucked into Louie immediately for the simple reason that is showed me life like how I know it. People die, pets die, the world is full of punks and bullies. Some people want to call it nihilism, but nihilism imbues the sense that there is hopelessness in all things. The kicker with Louie is that he is not saying that. He gets up, every day, and tries. If it were truly a nihilist show, he would not be the person he is. Louie sometimes feels like the only human in a world full of monsters, if you really dissect that show. Can you relate to that feeling? I sure can. That is what day to day life reminds us. We work hard, and sometimes no matter how hard we try at that, we fail. Louie is not afraid to show us that. To remind us that stumbling is a part of the journey.

In a world where TV focuses on good looking people in perfect world doing cool things, Louie shows me a life I can relate to. That, in itself, is what makes Louie one of the best comedy (drama) shows on TV right now. Truthfully, ever.

Yes. It really is THAT good.

[Photo via FX]

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