TNT Drops The Axe on Frank Darabont’s Mob City

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Man, Frank Darabont just can’t catch a break, huh? Makes no sense to me, considering the guy is a genius and has a great eye for TV and pacing. I am saying this because first he was fired from Walking Dead (which he helped make so great) and now TNT is cancelling Mob City. The thing is, television is big business now, and we can’t forget the business aspect of it. That is all the networks care about. You can have the best show in the world, but if no one is watching it, the network doesn’t care. Looks like that is just what happened here.

Basically, TNT says they ran the show and are proud of it, but will not be renewing it or extending it (which is what the show had hoped for). They did release a statement saying they hope to work with Frank Darabont again in the future, but it clearly will not on anything Mob City related. So where does this put Frank Darabont? I think we can safely say he is probably a bit disgusted with how the television industry works, and probably wants to distance himself as far away from it as he can. Also, he is still suing The Walking Dead, right? I mean, this is clearly not a happy man. And honestly, who can blame him?

I, for one, hope this means he returns to film. His two Stephen King adaptations are the best King films to date (outside of The Shining) and maybe if Frank hooks back up with King, they churn out something amazing. I say they make Cell (which is very much like The Walking Dead) and show that Frank Darabont knows his way around horror and chaos.

In the meantime, we will keep you posted n any further news regarding him, TNT, or Mob City.

[Photo via Joe Kohen/Stringer]

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