Watch All of Mob City On TNT Right Now

Paul December 26, 2013 1

mob city

I honestly haven’t heard all that much about Mob City, Frank Darabont’s return to TV after being kicked off The Walking Dead. Reportedly, it’s a more violent, less intelligent version of Boardwalk Empire, which deals with a similar subject matter and time period. I haven’t yet check it out for myself, but now it appears I have an easy way of doing so. TNT has put all six episode of Mob City online for your viewing pleasure.

It’s gone full HBO Go in an effort to promote the show, and I think it’s a very wise move. Nothing will get people to watch your show like putting it online for free, and TNT figured they’d beat the pirates and just hand it out for free.

Welllll almost. Also like HBO Go, you have to sign in with your cable provider in order to have access. So yes, you do have to have a cable subscription for this to work annnnd many pirates don’t, so perhaps they’re not combating them all that effectively in the end. If you do have cable watch here, if you don’t? Well, I guess you can forge the wilds of the internet for other solutions.

What do you think of Mob City?

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  • K Battrick

    The problem with having to sign in with your cable provider is that not all cable providers are supported. The TV stations who provide online streaming of their content with the requirement of providing your cable provider do not consider those of us who can’t afford the big name providers (like Comcast). We have a company called Frontier and I have never seen it listed. It is extremely frustrating!