You Can Buy the Modern Family House for $2.35 Million

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How much do you like the show Modern Family? Do you dig the offbeat and honest and genuine portrayal of a mixed family, and just how much love and zaniness goes into it all? Do you like it because of the brilliant and varied casting of the talent on the show? Do you love it because, at the heart of it, is an imperfect family who are really good at loving each other, but not that good at everything else? Well, the real question here is, do you love it enough to pay $2.35 million dollars to move in to the Modern Family house?

I am only asking because it is actually on sale. For a little under two and a half million dollars, you can own the house they feature on that wonderful show. The kicker is you need to be in L.A, or it may not do you any good to buy it. Unless you are one of those people who just has billions laying around, at which point, why are you reading this reading this right now and not jet skiing or something? In all seriousness, there is one catch. Much like with every show on TV, the outside of the house and the inside of the house are two different houses. So you are only but the house they show from outside shots.

Yes, I know, it is a very odd way that Hollywood works. Few would argue with that. Reality is, if you’ve got two million lying around, you can go move into the Modern Family house right now. Just don’t let anyone in so as to maintain the mirage.

[Photo via Richard Cartwright/ABC]

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