10 Awesome Comedy Trailers Recut as Horror Movies


We’ve already shared recut movie trailers where a horror movie is turned into a comedy or “family fun” type of movie. My personal favorite is the one of The Shining that makes it seem like a fun family trip to the mountains. Personally I’m a huge fan of the recut movie trailer. It almost makes you learn things you never thought possible about a movie. No it doesn’t mean that said movie is actually a comedy or horror but it sure does make you see things in a different light. Today I decided to focus on comedy movies that could easily be portrayed as freakish horror stories if edited the right way. When you slap on a scary song, disturbing narration and solid editing, you get a pretty decent product.

Here are 10 awesome comedy to horror recut trailers

Dumb and Dumber

Uncle Buck Horror

Better off Dead

Ferris the 13th

Willy Wonka Horror

Home Alone as a Thriller

Toy Story

Happy Gilmore

Meet The Parents

American Pie

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