10 Deliciously Awesome Star Trek Cakes


There are times when I think it’s appropriate to make fun of the world of sci-fi out there.   Making fun of I just mean some people are way too into this stuff.  I’m talking to the point of home decoration and living your life as if you are a member of the cast of these fictional shows and movies.  But there are also times to appreciate them. I think this is one of the times where you do a little bit of both. Because in all honesty I couldn’t care less if I were eating a cake that looked like a Vulcan yet I’d appreciate how said cake looked. So when a bunch of Trekkies from around the galaxy decide to make cakes emulating their favorite show (and movies) of all time, I both feel for their virginity yet appreciate their sense of food decor.

Here are 10 fun Star Trek cakes











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