10 Incredibly Powerful Movies That Center Around Racism

Time to Kill

I feel like movies today don’t tackle racism in quite the same way they used to. While the subject is still brought up, and often I might add, the world has changed. It’s more PC and cinema is way more careful than it used to be. In fact many movies today have more of a “racial undertone" type of approach. And sometimes it doesn’t even take the form of race against race. It can be species versus other species. Take Avatar for example. Many people argue that Avatar has some racism in it (which I totally agree with).

And overall, while the topic of racism is still somewhat popular in movies and television that doesn’t mean it’s always successful. My point being, some movies put in racism just to get an effect. Whereas others base their entire movies around racism. The following are ten movies where racism is a central theme and I think the movies used it quite well.

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