Black Klansman Film By Spike Lee and Jordan Peele

Before you get your hackles up and your nerves all in a tizzy keep in mind who’s working on this project Spike Lee and Jordan Peele have both worked on films that give a very obvious look at racism and how it impacts different groups of people. Black Klansman is actually based off of the true story of Ron Stallworth,  Colorado Springs police officer that managed to infiltrate the KKK in the late 1970’s. Stallworth, a black man, obviously couldn’t have done this on his own so whenever he had face to face meetings with representatives of the notorious group he sent a white officer armed with the knowledge that he’d already gained.

It was a very risky gambit to begin with, and something that could have gone wrong on so many occasions. But Stallworth managed to make life increasingly difficult for the KKK. His work didn’t bring them down but it cast some serious shade on their organization and dealings and disrupted their lives for a good portion of time. It might have seemed like nothing really got done since the KKK is still very alive and functional today, but it was a message to others that spoke of the vulnerability of the group.

Lee and Peele are bringing this film out in a time when racial tumult is starting to bubble and boil in the public consciousness again, but they’ve been working on it for the past two years. The film is likely to draw a great deal of criticism from some people but might actually be considered a wise move by others. This country seems to need a wake up call on all sides to remember that there is no us vs. them. Each and every person in this country deserves the same opportunity at life and to thrive that anyone else does. The hatred, the vitriol, and the amount of disdain needs to end at some point so that everyone can recall just what made this country great in the first place.

The KKK was a group that was founded in the mid to late 1900’s and boasted impressive numbers up until about the 1920’s. As of now their numbers are nowhere near where they used to be, but the message of hatred is just as strong. A film like the Black Klansman should at the very least showcase just what it took, and what it still takes, to make those who would practice hatred and division see themselves from a different perspective. Stallworth’s work in infiltrating the Klan was not without merit since he did happen to disrupt their organization long enough to be considered successful in his attempts.

This country is at the moment at a serious boiling point and is going to have to recognize just what could happen and what might happen if we can’t come together as a nation. Black Klansman should hopefully provide a good in-depth look into the world of the Klan that might shock a few people but will hopefully open the eyes of others.


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