The Chuck Norris Thumbs Up in Dodgeball is One of the Best Moments in Movie History

With that one thumbs up moment in the Dodgeball movie Chuck Norris managed to snag one of the best scenes in cinema yet again. He’s only there for a few seconds but it’s still one of the best scenes in the entire movie since hey, it’s Chuck Norris. Plus the movie kind of needed something to keep it going as Peter and the Average Joe’s were about to lose to a team that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Ben Stiller definitely plays a great villain when he wants to, over the top and goofy as only he can be when the time is right.

That’s when you know you’re a legend however, when you can show up in a movie and only be there for a few seconds and be deemed as one of the high points. And this is a movie that featured stars like Justin Long, Vince Vaughn, Alan Tudyk, Rip Torn, Stephen Root, Ben Stiller, and several others that are lesser known but are still great in their own right. Chuck Norris showed up for just a small amount of time and he captured everyone’s attention right from the get. Of course Lance Armstrong was in there too for a short amount of time but not as many people seem to remember that when it was pitted against Chuck Norris being there. The guy is obviously a legend and no matter that he’s been in movies and TV more than anything throughout the last few decades he’s also a noted champion when it comes to the martial arts so it’s obvious that his name is going to be something that gets noticed, and his appearance just makes it better.

Even William Shatner being cast in the movie didn’t manage to trump this moment, nor Curtis Armstrong when he showed up. This movie was just a big ball of cameos that didn’t go unnoticed by everyone but was still comical since it was one of the goofiest things going at that time. Dodgeball was perhaps one of the silliest sports movies ever made and had the look and feel of a spoof movie no matter that it really wasn’t if you look at it. There was nothing to spoof as there had never been a movie quite like it. That could be why it didn’t garner as much attention as it should have since honestly and truly it was a very funny film. But it could have been that Vince Vaughn, who was the star of the film, was having a down time and just needed something to keep him going. Or it could have been that people had gotten tired of his antics in movies at this point and didn’t want to see him any longer. Something happened during Dodgeball that made people less than enthused when it came to watching, but it’s hard to know just what it was.

However, having Chuck Norris in there just made for one of the best scenes in the whole film since he was the guy that got to keep the ball rolling.

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