Five Animated Characters You Forgot James Corden Voiced

James Corden

If you are a fan of British comedy, you may have heard of the sports comedy panel called A League of Their Own. It originally premiered in 2010 and has been hosted by James Corden ever since. The upcoming iteration of the show will include a new face – Romesh Ranganathan. Normally, this would be an exciting inclusion. Ranganathan is an award-winning up-and-coming comedian known for his excellent delivery and deadpan humor. However, he tweeted some rather rude things about James Corden back in 2011. Though the tweets have since been deleted, it is likely that the filming of the show might be slightly awkward between Corden and Ranganathan.

James Corden does not deserve the slights he received from Ranganathan. He is a respectable actor, comedian, and TV host. He has even won a BAFTA TV Award for the Best Comedy Performance for the show he created and starred in, Gavin & Stacey. He also hosts The Late Late Show With James Corden, and has hosted the Brit Awards five times, the 70th Annual Tony Awards, and the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

Not many people remember, however, that James Corden is also a voice actor. He has lent his voice and delivery to many characters over the years – some of whom you may have had no idea were voiced by this British actor. Without further ado, here are Five Characters You Forgot James Corden Voiced.

Planet 51 – Soldier Vernkot

Planet 51 is an animated film that centers around an alien planet and its denizens. Their society is a reflection of 1950s America, making use of the mannerisms, culture, and even architecture of the time. Eventually, a NASA astronaut lands on the planet, not realizing it was inhabited. The rest of the film follows the reactions of the Planet 51 natives and how they deal with the ‘alien invasion’. James Corden lent his voice to one of a pair of gullible soldiers (the other was voiced by Mathew Horne). They are quite impressionable – and were even led at one point to believe that they were zombies. These roles were great comedic relief for Planet 51, despite the small part that they play in the film.

Norm of the North – Laurence

One film that not a lot of people remember is Norm of the North. Though it only came out a couple of years ago, it was not super popular and is often forgotten. The film follows a polar bear – Norm – who seeks out a luxury condo developer in hopes of convincing him to stop production on homes in the Arctic. At one point, Norm answers an ad put out by the developer (Mr. Greene) for an actor who can play a polar bear in a campaign. When doing so, he runs into an actual actor called Laurence – voiced by James Corden. Interestingly enough, Corden was only cast in the UK version of the film. For most other versions, this part was played by Michael McElhatton instead.

The Gruffalo – Mouse

The short film The Gruffalo originally premiered on BBC One in the UK. This animated adventure features the main character – Mouse, voiced by James Corden – as he faces off against a few dangerous predators. He ends up creating a monster called The Gruffalo which he tells tales of to scare off the creatures that wish to do him harm. Eventually, he runs into a full-fledged version of his tale – but we won’t spoil anything more. The film was incredibly well-received worldwide and is often hailed as a future family classic.

Little Charley Bear – The Narrator

Little Charley Bear is a children’s television program that originally premiered in 2007. The show features a bear named Charley who goes on daily trips into the world of make-believe. Though the show had a bit of a rough start, 52 episodes were eventually filmed. It also spawned a toy line. Little Charley Bear was purchased by DreamWorks in 2013. Though Corden didn’t voice a ‘character’, per se, the narrator truly drove the show and kept it interesting for its young audience.

Fable II – Monty

Lionhead Studios is a video game production company that developed the Fable series. In 2008, they released Fable II, receiving a lot of critical acclaim. The game is set in the land of Albion during a colonial-style era of history. There is a great juxtaposition of large castles, cities, and primitive weapons and magic that makes Fable II so fun. During the “Childhood” section of the game, the player character encounters a character named Monty who was voiced by James Corden. They then have the option of delivering a letter to his true love Belinda – or to her mother, who disapproves of Monty and Belinda’s relationship. This is one of the earliest moral decisions in the game. It’s also a great little-known cameo from James Corden.

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