Five Devastating Hurricane Scenes in Movies

One thing you should know about hurricanes, aside from the fact that they are extremely destructive, is that they are distinctly different than tornadoes. They are bigger, form over water, and can last for a great deal longer than any tornado. The latest damage from Hurricane Harvey, the most recent storm that hit Texas just in the past day or so has proven this point rather well. It is not just the damage that is caused from the furious winds and destructive path that the storm takes, but also the rain, and the flooding that is the result of rivers, streams, and other bodies of waters overflowing from the continued downpour. Hurricanes are forces of nature that are best seen from a distance, but some are not always so lucky.

Here are a few films that show just bad a hurricane can get.

5. The Perfect Storm

Loosely based around a true story, The Perfect Storm details the last voyage of the Andrea Gale, a swordfishing boat that was sailing out of Gloucester, MA. The crew were going after the score of a lifetime but were continually plagued by ill omens that they chose to ignore, a rogue wave being one of them. Little did they know they were sailing into one of the biggest and most dangerous storms ever to form over the water.

4. The Hurricane

The hurricane in this film doesn’t show up until the end but it’s just as devastating as in any other film. The true force of a hurricane is located on the outer edges and once a person is inside the “eye” of the hurricane they could very well find that it is much calmer and easier to withstand. But it is anything but serene as you might see in a lot of movies.

3. Storm Tracker

Just as with tornadoes there are people that actually go out looking for hurricanes so as to study them and the effects that they have so as to understand them better. One major difference about hurricanes is that they are slower moving and take time to build up. Tornadoes are often able to be tracked but the response time is much less, while hurricanes tend to afford a great deal of warning time.

2. The Abyss

I have heard that there is a hurricane in this movie but I will be danged if I can find a clip showing it. Given that there aren’t a lot of hurricane clips out there it seems, the clips are mostly about tornadoes, I think I will have to assume that the sites I’ve seen are telling the truth. Plus, it would be so much scarier for anyone on the water if a hurricane suddenly sprang up. Where on earth would you go?

1. The Day After Tomorrow

A lot of the special effects in this movie are great but they’re a little over the top. If these helicopters were flying through the eye of this massive hurricane and the temperatures were dropping that quickly then they would have crashed almost right after entering the eye. Plus, if the fuel lines are freezing and the entire helicopter is freezing around them then how in the world are the pilots not already frozen by the time the helicopters hit the ground?

Tornadoes might be scary and unpredictable but hurricanes are simply massive columns of sheer destruction.


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