Five Great Movie Scenes involving Waffles

Golden, crispy, slathered in butter and almost drowned in that sweet, sweet spill of maple syrup, the warm, fluffy breakfast treats are something that dreams are made of and are so delectable you can almost taste them on your tongue just thinking about them. And then you wake up and realize that it takes actual work to make them. But hey, it’s worth it right? You don’t often think about waffles in movies but they do have their place and have been worked in fairly well in to several different scenes. If you look hard enough you might realize that this is true and will sit back and go “mmmmm, waffles”. Your mouth is drooling now isn’t it? Go ahead and admit it, it’s okay.

Here are a few movies that have some truly memorable waffle scenes.

5. Shrek Forever After

You encounter a golden, delicious-looking stack of pancakes in the middle of the woods just sitting innocently on a stump. Do you go and lick it or do you stay away thinking something might not be right? If you’re donkey you’ve already licked the stack and are being hurtled towards whatever uncertain doom awaits at the end of long tunnel you’ve been unceremoniously kicked into.

4. Gamer

This was actually pretty disgusting to watch. There’s no fat shaming going on here but the state of the person in this clip is just gross. They’re dipping their waffles in a bowl of syrup like it’s a condiment and the pallor and look of the guy’s skin is just nasty. He might as well already be a moving corpse judging by the color of his complexion.

3. 50 First Dates

Lucy likes to build waffle forts. That’s cute and endearing but she does it EVERY-DAY. Unfortunately she has a condition in which she can’t make any new memories and everything she learned the day before is erased like a clean slate when she wakes up in the morning. Wow, how many waffle huts has she made since the accident?

2. Austin Powers: Goldmember

Smoke and a pancake? Cigar and a waffle? Pipe and a crepe? Bong and a blintz? There is no pleasing you! Um, well, considering how quickly each one was offered and how unusual it is to really smoke while eating anything it’s easy to see why Austin would be a little confused. Seriously, a bong and a blintz? Talk about magically delicious.

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks

I looked and looked and looked, but there are no clips I could find of the chipmunks eating or storing their favorite snack, toaster waffles. Rest assured those scenes are in the movie, like when Dave finds toaster waffles, with syrup on them, under the kitchen rug, or in the engine of his car. I’d almost be worried to find out just where else the boys stashed those things.

So as you can see, waffles do share an important role in cinema, at least until breakfast is over.

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