Five Things Movies Get Completely Wrong about Hotels

This might kind of creep people out but there are truths about hotels that movies don’t always give you. In fact there are some things about hotels that movies just flat out get wrong. Hotels are kind of uncertain places at times even if they’re the absolute best in town and offer the kind of service that you would expect for the money that you pay. However, if you think that each one is run as efficiently as can be you might be unpleasantly surprised to learn that just like any business they have their ups and downs. What might be seen as tolerable by one person might be considered as heinous and unkempt as possible by another. Hotels cater to their guests in many ways, but not a single one of them will please everyone at all times.

Believe me, having worked in a few you get to know the inner workings of the hotel business.

5. Fresh linens are not always a priority.

You might think that the room you’re walking into has fresh sheets, blankets, and the whole works, but that’s not always the case. Gross as it might seem the housekeepers tend to check the linens to see if they really need to be cleaned. If not then they don’t bother. So before you get too grossed out if someone was sleeping in the bed then yes, they will change the sheets. But if there’s no evidence of this then they’ll probably leave them.

4. The bathrooms are typically the cleanest place in the room.

A lot of people think that housekeepers do a quick wipe down of the bathroom and leave. It might happen at lower end dives that cater to customer’s by the hour, but in most hotels the bathroom is where the housekeepers do the most work. It’s one of the things that can get a hotel shut down if someone contracts a disease of any kind after a failure to sterilize the room.

3. Bed bugs can be rampant anywhere.

The common belief is that bed bugs are something that low-end hotels deal with. The truth of the matter is that you can find bed bugs at high-end establishments too. The pesky critters have a way of showing up pretty much anywhere if you’re not watching for them. Just because a hotel is cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to be infested as well.

2. Hotels offer a lot of complimentary items.

Some folks seem to be laboring under the idea that hotels will act like they’re not charging you for some of the items in your room but will tack on hidden fees and charges that take these items into account. That’s not the case, since things like soap, shampoos, and other things are fairly cheap for them provide and aren’t really considered worth charging for.

1. Cameras are there for safety, not spying.

A lot of hotels don’t have a regular night shift and might have one or two people working in the wee hours of the night and through the morning. The presence of cameras isn’t to spy on people and make them paranoid, it’s to keep the safety of the guests well in hand and to make sure that nothing shady is going down in the hallways, lobby, or wherever the cameras might be set.

Hotels are nice places to stay so long as you know the ins and outs and that judging these establishments by what you see in the movies is not a realistic expectation.

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