Forceloose: A Star Wars Footloose Parody

As a Footloose parody, or even a Star Wars parody, Forceloose is pretty funny. It would certainly be a more constructive way for Kylo Ren to blow off steam when he gets angry, which seems kind of often. Anyone else notice that? I mean it’s not something that can really be hidden since he does tend to fly off the hook more than once during The Force Awakens. Plus, Ren McCormack (get the connection now?) is kind of a hothead too. At least he doesn’t go off destroying things in such a reckless manner when he gets good and steamed.

Dancing angry might seem like a weird outlet to a lot of people but at least it’s a good way to burn off a lot of anxious and angry energy than it would be to go out and just destroy something. It’s a lot better than drinking and driving or doing anything that could cause a lot of damage. So yes it looks a bit odd to anyone just watching and wondering what’s going through the other person’s head but really it’s better than taking a lightsaber and destroying an entire panel or carving channels into the walls.

Do you ever get the impression that people might know just where Kylo has been by the scorch marks that appear on the walls? Or is there a maintenance crew on standby just for his tantrums? These are inconsequential things really but it would still be interesting to know. Also why anyone would put up with Kylo long enough to train him when they know that he has these little temper tantrums is a bit confusing since it doesn’t show a lot of control. In fact it shows almost none since not even the younglings from the prequels were seen to do such things, nor were the more experienced padawans. In fact the only one that ever did such a thing like this was Anakin Skywalker, Kylo’s grandfather.

So maybe that tantrum thing is handed down and possibly skips a generation? It would make sense considering that we’ve never seen Luke do the same thing. Of course Luke had people in his life that wouldn’t stand for such a thing such as Ben Kenobi and Yoda. While Kenobi wasn’t around long enough to see him become a Jedi, unless you count his Force ghost form, Yoda probably would have dropped him for showing this much emotion, even if he was one of the last Jedi in the universe. The trick there of course is that he wasn’t, but being as a lot of what used to be canon no longer is then it seems fair to say that none that survived wanted any part of the order any longer.

If Snoke and Kylo get their way, and being as it’s the second film they might, the Jedi could be well on their way to extinction. It doesn’t help that even Luke says it’s time for the Jedi to end. But then what will rise in their place? Something has to stand up against the First Order, as the Resistance could use all the help it can get.

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