Funny Star Wars Short Film “Storm” Follows a Stormtrooper Who Feels His Life is Missing Something

If a storm trooper in a Star Wars movie feels that he’s missing anything in his life it’s probably par for the course since most storm troopers don’t tend to hit much anyway. Okay, lame humor aside, Storm is about a trooper that somehow feels that he’s missing out on life and needs something else to fill it. The only issues I will be pointing out in this will have to do with the technical aspects, not the other driving concern that really bugs me since it seems like an agenda trying to be pushed yet again. So like I said, here we go on describing just what I happen to think was kind of messed up with this clip even though it was very well made.

Storm troopers don’t get to question their superiors. From a young age they’re taught to obey, to do as they’re told, and that if they do question that they’ll be reprimanded or punished somehow. The chain of command to a trooper is something that’s bred into them from a very young age. If they do buck against it they are either sent to be reconditioned or are expelled in one way or another from their position. Had Finn not managed to escape with Poe then it’s possible he would have been reconditioned somehow.

Most troopers don’t get to visit their family. They’re either given up or taken from their parents when they’re very young to be trained to live and die at the whims of the Empire or the First Order. Sentiment is something a trooper doesn’t get to feel and isn’t allowed or encouraged.

Someone didn’t do their homework when it came to Star Wars aliens. The storm trooper armor and helmet are easy enough to understand but a Rodian, the alien that the trooper was speaking to, had too much of a pug face to be the same creature. The rest of its body was accurate, except for the fingers, which tapered into claws instead of suckered fingertips. It could be that the person making the film didn’t want to mirror the franchise too much and do their own thing, but then they kind of got away from that by copying everything else. Like a lot of Star Wars fans I am a geek and proud of it and tend to notice a lot of little details that stand out. Whatever this creature is it might be a cousin to the Rodians but it’s not a Rodian.

The clip is very well done but overall it’s kind of a ridiculous story, and that hurts to say since I tend to believe that every story should have a chance to at least be told. This is kind of slapping the franchise in the face though no matter how beautiful someone might say it is or how forward-thinking. There are some things in this world you don’t mess with and I happen to believe that Star Wars is one of them. Of course the choice always remains to not watch it.

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