Who is “Green Steve?” The Secret in Thor: Ragnarok

Movies set in the MCU tend to have a lot of spectacle. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of complicated processes needed to bring that spectacle to the movie screen. For example, exotic locations need set pieces, while both superheroes and supervillains need their costumes as well as other props. However, some of the most complicated processes consist of those used to bring a CG character to life, which brings us to the issue of who Green Steve might be in the context of Thor: Ragnarok.

Who Is Green Steve?

Given the name, most people would expect Green Steve to be a reference to the Incredible Hulk, which would be correct. Furthermore, some people might suspect some sort of a connection to Captain America, which would be reasonable but incorrect because the name Steven happens to be nothing more than a fortuitous coincidence.

For those who are curious, Green Steve is the person charged with the mission of providing a physical reference for the CG specialists who are responsible for bringing the Incredible Hulk to life. The green comes from the fact that said individual tends to be slathered in green paint when performing the motions that the character will be performing on the movie screen. Meanwhile, the Steve comes from the fact that the first person to do so was named Steve, meaning that it has become something of a legacy name to be passed from one person in the position to the next. Something that is more than a little bit reminiscent of superhero names.

Regardless, a physical reference is important because most of the CG specialists who are responsible for bringing CG characters to life will have never set foot on the set. As a result, knowing what something is supposed to look in motion on the set like can provide them with a lot of useful information about what their creation is supposed to look like, whether that means the interplay of shadows or positioning relative to the rest of the scene. In fact, physical references are so useful than Green Steven isn’t even the sole physical reference for MCU movies featuring the Incredible Hulk, as shown by the fact that the production crew will film a wide range of items including a bust of the character for providing even more thorough information.

This is me on the set of Avengers in my "costume" !!!

Posted by Steve Romm aka "Green Steve" on Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Can We Expect from Thor: Ragnarok?

Based on the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, interested individuals will know that Thor and the Incredible Hulk will be having a rematch in the movie. To be exact, they will be facing off in a gladiatorial bout, which is one of the reasons that a lot of people suspect that the Incredible Hulk’s part of the movie will be inspired to some extent by Planet Hulk. After all, there is no sign of a solo Incredible Hulk movie in the MCU’s future, meaning that this would be an excellent chance to placate the fans of the character. Regardless, interested individuals can expect to see Thor: Ragnarok released on November 3 of 2017, meaning that there should be a lot more information about the movie coming out as said date approaches.


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