Groove Out With This Who Framed Roger Rabbit Remix

Grooving out with Roger Rabbit isn’t the first thing I would think of when this movie comes to mind. In fact the first thing that comes to mind isn’t even Jessica Rabbit, it’s the scene in which Eddie Valiant is making the weasels laugh loud and long enough to knock them dead. But the groove for this video is somehow kind of pleasing despite the fact that it’s largely based around the kissing noise that Jessica makes when she blows Eddie a wet one right in front of Dolores. Dabbling in watercolors Eddie?

This is the kind of film that was fairly popular when it first came out and then died down for a while before people started to take interest in it again. It’s also one of the films that was way ahead of its time when it came to using live action actors along with cartoons. The acting was good, the cinematography was good, but the story somehow fell a little flat at times only to be picked up by the strange but amicable humor of the various cartoons that were used throughout the movie.

This jam centers mostly around Jessica Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, and that absurd-sounding kiss that can be heard throughout the entire thing. That’s probably the only thing that seems off-putting since it’s a very strange and somewhat unnerving sound that might bring to mind the idea of smooching to some but really only brings an unpleasant sound to my ears. To each their own and all that, but the jam could have been better if it had incorporated more of the film into it since there were sound affects aplenty in the film that could have been applied to the clip.

I don’t mind it really but to be quite honest I wanted to see a little more. For all that the movie offered in the way of different sounds and effects it could have incorporated a great deal more. In fact it’s almost as though the creator got bored near the end and decided to finish it then and there. I get the fact that the editing and the cutting and the dubbing takes a long time and is kind of difficult at times even for those that know what they’re doing, but if you’re going to do something then the obviously do it right and make it complete. No offense to the creator, they’ve got a good start on something that could be very entertaining, but it needs a back half to round it out.

All in all the jam wasn’t too bad but like I said it’s a bit short and needs some rounding out. Take it as constructive criticism because truthfully it’s catchy in a nice, goofy sort of way that brings out the spirit of the movie. It could use a few more sound effects and a second half but it’s pretty cool that someone would think of doing this with Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the first place.

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