An Interesting Video on the “Evolution of Movies”

It’s amazing how film has evolved isn’t it? Taking a look at the films of the early days back in the 20’s you can see how the motion picture business has changed throughout the years, especially when it comes to the effects and the quality of the acting. The landscapes and the story lines have even undergone a great deal of change since back in the day the stories were still great, but the duration and the overall formation was still rudimentary when compared to today. Of course more complex plots and premises aren’t always what’s needed but with more discerning viewers it becomes a necessity. Back then such things were still possible but they didn’t seem to happen nearly as often as now.

Of course you could make the argument that some filmmakers are simply being to sly for their own good and are faking people out of their enjoyment or hyping their own movies up too much, but it’s really dependent on the audience whether a film is considered good or bad. Back then the technology of film was still something to be marveled at since it was so new, so vibrant and different. It still is to this day, but the bar has been raised incredibly high, so much so that audiences demand everything to look as real as possible no matter how gory or disturbing it is. People want to go to the movies to be entertained, but they also want to know that they’re going to see something that’s worth the money they’re paying.

Back in the days when you could walk into a theater and pay less than a dollar to see a movie the films were shorter, less effect-driven, and much less engaging as opposed to the current level. That was still something unique though back then, it was an experience that people remembered since they didn’t get it all the time. Going to the movies was a special occasion unless you were rich, and in some cases it still is today. However with so many deals going on at theaters to keep people coming in so that they don’t have to close their doors it’s coming to the point that theaters almost have to operate at a loss just to operate at all.

Streaming movies are becoming the desired medium of the masses now since people can watch movies from the comfort of their home, or on their mobile device wherever they might be going. Theaters are still a desired location to watch movies but the general thought is that their days are numbered. It might never happen in our lifetime, but eventually with streaming services theaters could go the way of the movie store. If you’re asking what a movie store is then you were born within the last two decades and likely don’t remember. Movies have been evolving since the dawn of the silent film era, and they’ll likely continue to evolve well after most of us are gone. The more entertainment people clamor for, the more filmmakers are going to give.

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