What if the Movie “It” Starred Jar Jar Binks?

IT starring Jar Jar Binks? You thought that he was bad in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? You have no idea. In the movie IT he’d be a complete nightmare and totally on accident. The almost universally-hated gungan is one of the least liked characters in any franchise and if you even mention his name there’s a good chance that someone might turn around and sneer at you. If you dare utter his name at a Star Wars convention or a Comic-Con you might even find yourself surrounded with an army of fans brandishing their lit lightsabers and Nerf guns at you for even bothering to recognize the hated figure. Yes, that is how much he is detested among many upon many Star Wars fans.

Why he’s so detested is somewhat of a subjective matter. Some people don’t like him because they think he’s a racist caricature, others because he’s so horribly annoying. Some people just don’t like him because they feel the gungans were something that should have been cut out of Star Wars altogether. It doesn’t matter the reason, people just don’t like Jar Jar Binks. Personally I don’t mind him so long as he’s not made into a major presence within any film, ever again. But to be in IT would have been, with the understanding that it’s a spoof, an idea that would have turned a lot of people off and yet been comical in the doing.

Poor Georgie was kind of doomed if it was Pennywise or Jar Jar simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time around the wrong guy. With Pennywise it would be that he wants to eat Georgie, with Jar Jar it’s that he would do something to cause collateral damage that could involve Georgie. Either way the kid was just flat out doomed from the start.

With the rest of them it would be Jar Jar’s willingness to play nice and just be a good guy that would get them all into trouble since Jar Jar is a little accident prone you might say. First he blows up Eddie with a boomer while trying to be nice, and then he scares the living daylights out of the others just trying to be friendly. This guy can’t catch a break no matter where he goes, which leaves it easy to say that maybe he shouldn’t have been created in the first place. It could be that the gungans would have been better off being treated like the ewoks, left out of the movie until they really HAD to be messed with in order to keep the story going. Even Wicket didn’t have to field this much hate back in his day.

Poor Jar Jar would be more likely to receive a beating worse than Pennywise got in the movie just for being himself than the clown would for being super creepy. If you can find ten people in the world that love Jar Jar Binks then you’ve possibly found the only ones that ever thought he was a great character.

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