What is the Osiris Child and Why Should You Watch It?

If you wanted to talk like a cynic you could say that The Osiris Child looks like another Us vs. Them kind of sci-fi movie. There is definitely the appearance of an elite sect that watches over the rest of the colony that lies below, at ground level, and their decisions seem based upon the “greater good” versus the downfall of order and the inclusion of chaos. In truth it looks like another version of Elysium, but fought with the intent to save those on the ground rather than displace those in the sky.

So let’s let go of the cynicism for now.

The film actually looks like it might be worth a watch. The action, the intensity, and the very real idea of Us vs. Them is a concept that people tend to enjoy and can definitely get behind.

Breaking it down, the Osiris child has to do with interplanetary colonization that includes, you guessed it, an ultra-strict prison system that eventually causes the prisoners to plan a revolt. The problem with this is that once the revolt goes outside the prison the entire colony that the prisoners invade comes under fire and under the notice of the military installation that hovers above the planet as a security measure of some sort.

Once the military is alerted to the prison break they also discover that the prisoners are now in possession of a deadly virus that could cause massive problems for the population. Their only solution to the problem is to wipe out the entire colony by overloading the reactors that grant power to the people below. That unfortunately means killing everyone in the colony.

One man, whose daughter happens to live in the colony, has a very serious issue with this and goes off mission to rescue his little girl. In doing so he runs afoul of an escaped convict that knocks him unconscious upon his land and seems ready to walk away when the officer pleads with him to stop. The two join forces and eventually the officer must stand against his own people to save the life of his daughter and those that ally with the pair.

It is a story that people have seen in the past, but the slight twist of interplanetary colonization and the military presence looming above is kind of nice. It grants a very totalitarian feel that lets people know that the armed forces are very much aware of everything that happens on the service and are always ready to respond when needed.

Such a thing is a rather scary prospect really considering that the more might that is given to the military the more likely it is that they will be used as alternate police force. That is a rather terrifying thought that many wouldn’t like to entertain. In Osiris Child however the military seems to have the power to say who lives and who dies based solely upon necessity.

There are a few holes in the plot and premise but still the Osiris Child looks like it might be worth watching.


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