Please Don’t Make a Pirates of the Caribbean 6

At the moment, it remains unknown whether there will be more Pirates of the Caribbean movies. However, the signs seem to suggest that there will be. In part, this is because of a post-credit scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which hinted that Davy Jones might have made a return of some kind to the setting. However, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer has outright stated that he would be willing to do another movie provided that the interest exists, which seems to be in line with Orlando Bloom’s statement that there is room for more movies in the franchise. Based on this, it seems probable that there will be further Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the not so distant future, though since no one can predict the future with perfect certainty, one should consider them to be probable rather than the perhaps more accurate all but guaranteed.

Should There Be More Pirates of the Caribbean Movies?

With that said, there is the issue of whether there should be more Pirates of the Caribbean movies, to which a lot of people would answer a resounding “No.” At one point, it can be said that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies possessed a fair amount of charm, which was rather surprising considering that the first movie had been based on a theme park attraction. Even though the two sequels to that first movie were not as charming, they managed to flesh out the characters as well as the setting, meaning that they could be forgiven for their faults for the most part. Unfortunately, the premise that carried those first three movies came to a close with them, with the result that the two follow-ups have been emptier and emptier in spite of their commercial success.

Simply put, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have worn out their premise, meaning that what was once new and exciting has become old and stale. This can be seen in Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, who seems more and more like a hollowed-out shell of his former self with each succeeding movie, serving as something of a microcosm for the franchise as a whole. Theoretically, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies could redeem themselves by recapturing something of their former spirit, but considering that they have had two whole movies in which to do so with no luck whatsoever, the chances of that seems fainter and fainter. Summed up, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies might still be earning a neat profit, but they have become more sad than disappointing for a lot of the people who remember the first movie with fondness.

Will There Be More Pirates of the Caribbean Movies Anyways?

Unfortunately, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are huge commercial successes. For proof, look no further than the fact that the fifth movie earned close to $800 million at the box office on a $230 million budget, which is even more impressive because this makes it one of the less successful installments. As a result, Disney has convincing reason to continue capitalizing on the profit-making opportunities that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies represent. After all, blockbusters are expensive to make, which makes it no wonder that movie studios are so fond of follow-ups to proven franchises rather than something riskier.

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