Red-Band Trailer for “Supercon” with Clancy Brown and John Malkovich

Fan conventions have been becoming more and more popular in recent times. As a result, it was inevitable that people would start making movies about them, seeing as how they have become more and more prominent in the public consciousness. Supercon is a comedy set in a fan convention that is expected to come out soon on April 27.

Regardless, interested individuals should consider checking out the red-band trailer that has been released for Supercon, which is because it is a R-rated movie. In short, Supercon will be centered on a man named Keith Mahar, whose chief claim to fame was being a child actor in a TV show from the 80s. Unfortunately for him, he and his friends are banned from a fan convention at the connivance of his one-time co-star Adam King, who has managed to become so successful that said individual is the chief attraction of the fan convention that is being held. As a result, Keith Mahar and his friends set out to carry out a heist, which is intended to exact revenge for them by bringing down Adam King.

Overall, the trailer doesn’t make Supercon seem either particularly good or particularly bad. Instead, it seems like a movie that might appeal to people with a particular kind of humor under a particular set of circumstances. As a result, people who consider its trailer interesting might want to think about whether they’ll want to check it out or not when it becomes available in the movie theaters.

Unfortunately, Supercon is set to come out on April 27, which is the same release date as Avengers: Infinity War. On the one hand, this is rather amusing considering that Supercon is based on a phenomenon that has been fueled in part by the success of MCU movies. On the other hand, it seems probable that its sales numbers are going to take a huge hit from what promises to be the biggest MCU movie to be released so far.

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