Thor and Hulk Reunite in Hilarious New Clip from “Thor: Ragnarok”

Thor: Ragnarok is going to be a fun movie to watch, but it should also feature a bit of hilarity to it as well. The current take on the character of Thor is that he is a serious person when he needs to be, but otherwise he’s a bit carefree at times when it pays to be a little more serious. Take this clip below for example when he meets up with the Hulk in the arena after being captured by the servants of the Grandmaster.

Thor is pleased as punch to be facing the green goliath, though Hulk doesn’t look too pleased to see him. Plus, Loki, who is apparently a guest of the Grandmaster, is giving his brother a look of such dumbfounded shock that you can almost hear him swearing and calling Thor a doofus from inside his devious mind. The Grandmaster doesn’t look too pleased either that Thor happens to know the champion that he’s thinking that he has unleashed upon this new competitor. This was probably not the best time for Thor to go claiming his friendship with Hulk, at least not since he’s about to be served up as the day’s entertainment.

But that’s Thor as he is now. In the old days he didn’t have much of a sense of humor, at least not until later on, and even then he went back and forth between being a carefree individual and being a stodgy, uptight, well, you know. This current representation of Thor has been a lot of fun so far since people can relate to him just a bit more and enjoy his antics onscreen. Chris Hemsworth has brought a new level of character and humor to Thor that was sorely lacking in the comic books for a while.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/the Hulk are also welcome additions to the MCU since they play their characters perfectly and compliment the god of thunder in many ways. Loki is the brother that Thor still loves unconditionally despite knowing that he can’t ever fully trust him. Bruce Banner/Hulk is the one guy on the Avengers that could go toe to toe with Thor in a prolonged battle with nothing more than his fists, and therefore makes a good match for the god of thunder and a useful ally.  Considering that the two have tangled on more than one occasion between the comic books, movies, and cartoons, its easy to surmise that when it comes to strength Hulk is Thor’s equal, if not better.

In terms of battle prowess Thor is definitely the better man, though Hulk’s sheer, raw power can easily accommodate for this since Thor is not as able to block the Hulk’s attacks. If he doesn’t have Mjolnir, as he doesn’t in this film, then the playing field becomes undeniably favorable towards the Hulk. The two are almost evenly matched when it comes to their overall fighting styles, but as a team that only means that they’re virtually unstoppable. Add in Loki and Valkyrie and it will undoubtedly take an army to keep them down.


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