Twenty Awesome Aliens in Movies


There’s an allure about beings from another planet. We as humans are always interested in the unknown, and since the time of our grandparents, cinema has been infatuated with this unknown as well. Whether it’s an invasion of saucers, or a disgusting drool filled creature, aliens have been a staple in movies for a long time. I’ve decided to select twenty out of this world beings that I personally think are awesome.

Ranging from completely tough, criminal and pretty much invincible to completely ridiculous and laughable, here are my favorite 20 aliens in movies.



Hands down one of the best, if not the best alien in all of cinema. The face, the body, the strength, the disguise, hell even the fact that he self destructs which causes a mushroom cloud is insane. “what da hell arrrre you.” And that sinister laugh…forget about it.



I’m scared just looking at this picture. This “perfect” life form will forever be burned into the brains of any person that sees any of the Alien movies. Unstoppable.



The cutest, lovable little child alien, ET. “ET phone home.” ET sticks out his middle finger and it lights up. ET can make bicycles fly. ET has that cute walk and long neck. He’s so funny! I love ET.



Jeff Bridges was awesome in this movie. I’d have to say my favorite part is when he sings “New York New York” in the car. It’s incredible. That and when he punches that redneck and spits blood.

Water in the Abyss


This is Cameron using that liquid effect before Terminator 2. Everything about The Abyss is awesome. And these aliens that can manipulate water are no exception.

Edgar in Men in Black


I mean who wouldn’t love a giant cockroach that can squeeze into Vincent D’Onofrio’s skin?

Three Breasted Lady Chick in Total Recall


I mean do we really need to explain the reason here?

Space Pirates in Fifth Element


I’m actually a fan of how dumb these guys are. I love the scene when they’re all playing with that crazy gun that Zorg sells to them. Plus they just look funny.

Meathead in Meatballs 2


Perhaps my favorite alien in any movie, Meathead is the spoof of ET. All he wants to do is fit in at summer camp. And clearly you can see that his gray rubbery body doesn’t help. Oh wait, put on a rain hat! Perfect, now he’s assimilated.

Jeriba Shigan in Enemy Mine


Louis Gossett Jr. Enemy Mine is a mixed bag in my opinion. Some people love the flick and some hate it. I’ll let the readers argue this one out.

Kitty in Cocoon


Played by Raquel Welch’s daughter Tahnee. The fact that Tahnee posed nude in Playboy is reason enough for this addition. Plus I love the term “Share Ourselves” meaning to you know, copulate.

Grig in The Last Starfighter


This is another movie that gets a mixed bag of reviews. Although there’s tons of high comedy in this flick. Grig is clearly one of the reasons this movie gets a thumbs up in my opinion.

Wiploc in Earth Girls are Easy


Played by Jim Carrey (the red one). You actually get a chance to see Carrey being pretty funny at times. The movie is of course, horrible, but he and Damon Wayans are actually good in this flick.

Martian Call Girl in Mars Attacks


A martian prostitute? Enough said.

Marybeth Hutchinson in The Faculty


Played by Laura Harris. Look man, you see her naked one second and then she’s the queen alien in the next. That’s pretty impressive in my book.

Phil Gordian in The Arrival


Ron Silver is perhaps one of the most underrated mean guy actors of our time. I hate him in every single movie I’ve seen him in. Which to me means he’s doing his job. Same goes for The Arrival, which I think is a very underrated Sci-Fi flick.

Robert in Village of the Damned – 1995


Played by Cody Darkin (guy on the right), Also check out David played by Thomas Dekker who is now in Sarah Conner Chronicles but used to be in Seinfeld.

Celeste Martin in My Stepmother is an Alien


Hot chick as an alien? You know my policy.

Sil in Species


See comment above.

Jabba the Hut


You didn’t think I’d leave this guy out did you?

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