Wonder Woman’s Blooper Real Makes You Like Gal Gadot Even More

Wonder Woman

Even serious movies have bloopers from time to time, it’s a good reminder that things don’t always go the way you want, and it can make you love actors like Gal Gadot even more for their reactions. Because quite honestly not everything goes to plan every single second on a shoot and sometimes you have to ad-lib on the go or just roll with a malfunction of one type or another in order to keep the film rolling.

But then there are those goofs that just don’t allow for this to happen.

Gal Gadot’s hair getting in the way is one of the most classic goofs since Wonder Woman is commonly known to be so inherently perfect that every part of her body seems to bend to her will. Of course in reality it’s very common that a ponytail doesn’t always rest the way it should or a lock of hair, or a whole hank of it, might flop in your face at just the wrong moment.

And then there are flops that are either intentional or are just rolled with because they’re that funny. Chris Pine is definitely the type of guy that could do comedy, action, or drama, sometimes all at once to be honest. He has the classic good looks that compliment Gal Gadot’s appealing performance but he also has the goofy grin that can make disarm people in a way that gets them laughing and playing along with him as they attempt to loosen up.

Bloopers can be costly and even a bit problematic but at the very least they can be a way for the actors to kind of ease the tension and get into character in an easier and less stressful manner. The time that’s lost on bloopers can’t possibly be that extensive since the films obviously get made, and Wonder Woman’s bloopers aren’t the funniest but they are highly amusing since it seems that technical difficulties and the loss of lines now and again are the extent of it. Of course prop issues come into play from time to time, but what are you going to do?

Connie Nielsen tripping over her own robe doesn’t exactly make a good case for her being the queen of the Amazons after all, and her horse munching on a prop bush is kind of an odd thing to see even if it’s incredibly amusing.

Then we go to the fact that actors do flub their lines sometimes. At least it’s not on purpose. More often than not it’s simply because they get caught up in the moment or are otherwise distracted by their costars being goofy or off their mark just enough to get their attention. The slips aren’t always appreciated but  the blooper reels are obviously released for a reason to show that these high-caliber actors are still human and do on occasion make mistakes. Plus it’s just really funny to watch.

So yes, even films like Wonder Woman have blooper reels, but that’s a good thing since it allows you to see just how much fun they get to have at times on set.

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