MTV’s Catfish: This Nation’s New To Catch a Predator

catty fishes

So has Catfish officially been on long enough for us to decided what we think of this show? While seeing liars get revealed is always fun, in the same breath, the show sort of feels, at points, dangerous to me, like they are treading on material they shouldn’t. Let’s not forget, To Catch A Predator was cancelled because guys were killing themselves. At the heart of it we need to understand, people like the people on TCAP and Catfish are, obviously, a bit messed up, and more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep a lie afloat, so how long before a show like this ends in tragedy? We think it’s just a matter of time.

Catfish is a show based around the documentary of the same name that came out a few years earlier, about a man named Nev, who fell in love with someone online and decided to capture it all on film. And, well, who he fell in love with was NOT who she said she was. Thus, the term Catfish. What Nev discovered is this woman was wounded and lonely, and willing to do anything to keep him in her life. And when everyone watched that documentary, his natural response was: let’s make this a show.

There is one small problem, though.

All the people he “outs” on the show are sociopaths. They are liars who build whole world’s around their lies, and it is hard not to think that, at some point, one of these liars or sociopaths will probably react rather extremely about being outed on national television, seeing as to how they live their whole lives based around being liars. So while the show may seem enjoyable. and Nev may seem like he is trying to keep other people from being screwed over the way he was, which is noble in a way, we need to ask ourselces how long before something tragic happens on this show, and they realize they were messing with the wrong populace of people?

Just saying, I hope I am wrong about this one.

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