A Cappella Medley of Star Wars Songs is Most Impressive

The a cappella medley of Star Wars songs is in fact very impressive. You might think that ‘hey, anyone can do this if they try’ and you’d be right. But the key word there is ‘try’. Some people are born with a magnificent voice that can allow them to sound absolutely angelic and almost always on key, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bound to sound perfect every waking moment of their life. Even those that do have awesome voices have to work at it in order to really make the notes they’re singing sound right. When there’s no words to sound out and it’s something like instead you might think it gets a little easier but the truth is that you still need to be aware of your tone, pitch, and timing.

To be honest adding in words to a song makes it just that much harder since you have to form the sounds around the words and make everything fit so that it sounds okay. If a word doesn’t really conform to a song then you need to find a way to make it fit and somehow integrate it into the entire piece. This kind of singing is difficult but it’s at least without the need to do more than focus on the sounds and the pitches in order to get it right. The hardest part is matching everyone’s pitch to make it a cohesive piece. And honestly they do such a great job that it’s almost too easy to imagine that you’re listening to the actual musical score instead of a group of people vocalizing the instrumental songs.

A cappella is a lot harder really since there is no music to lean on throughout the performance. It relies heavily on the knowledge of the singers to move forward and to drive the piece without resorting to any type of outside help. Having been in choir in high school and in college I can recall very well what it was like to sing a cappella to a few songs that we had to have memorized in order to sing at concerts. It was grueling work to remember every line and every note perfectly and what was worse was the fact that our grades were on the line. So listening to this it’s easy to appreciate just what these folks have done in recreating some of the most iconic pieces of music in movie history.

A lot of Star Wars fans don’t really worry about the music all that much since they might be into the story, the characters, the settings, and any number of other things besides the music. But for those that do happen to love the musical score and tend to pay attention this might be a good clip to watch since it pays such great attention to each track and recreates them in a very faithful manner. It’s always nice to see how others appreciate a score well enough to produce their own version with such professionalism.

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